The Google Pixel 6a – Price, Camera, Battery Life, and Configuration

google pixel 6a
google pixel 6a

There are a lot of things to consider before buying a new phone, but there is no single “right” answer when it comes to the Google Pixel 6a. Read on to discover more about this new phone’s price, camera, battery life, and configuration. And don’t forget to check out our comparison table to find out which one is the right fit for you. You’ll be glad you read this! Now let’s move on to the pros and cons.


The price of the Google Pixel 6a isn’t official yet. The company hasn’t even released the handset yet. The Pixel 6a will go on sale sometime in July, but pre-orders start on the 21st of July and the phone will hit stores on July 28. While the Pixel 5a was released to select markets, the 6a is being sold worldwide. The new phone will join the flagship Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 later this year.


The latest addition to the Pixel series is the Google’s Pixel 6a. Powered by the same Google Tensor chip as the flagship Pixel 6 Pro, the phone should offer similar performance. It will also have access to Google smart capabilities, including live translation, automatic security checks, and end-to-end encryption. The device will launch with Android 12 out of the box, and will be among the first to receive Android 13 later this year.


If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you should seriously consider the Camera on Google’s Pixel 6a and 6 Pro. Both of these phones are equipped with the same high-quality camera, and they come with a number of fun camera applications, including Magic Eraser to remove unwanted objects from your pictures, Motion Mode for dynamic shots of moving subjects, and Face Unblur, which uses multiple exposures to unblur faces. While it’s great to have an excellent camera, you’re not likely to take a picture that looks perfect.

Battery life

In early 2022, Google conducted battery life tests for the Google Pixel 6a, and it came up with a 72-hour claim. That battery life is not entirely accurate, however, as it depends on many factors, including your usage. Specifically, you should expect a longer battery life when you frequently use the camera, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Also, the battery life decreases over time if you frequently enable features like super-fast charging.

Assistant voice typing

Unlike the current dictation tool on Gboard, Google Assistant on the Pixel 6a goes beyond that. With the new feature, you can dictate your entire message by voice command. To activate the feature, simply say, “Hey Google, type,” and tap on the microphone icon. If you want to edit a message, you can use special voice commands such as “Clear,” “Clear All,” or “Delete,” which removes errant words. If you accidentally clear a word, you can undo it with an ‘undo’ command.

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