How to View Sensitive Content on Twitter

How to View Sensitive Content on Twitter
How to View Sensitive Content on Twitter

How to View Sensitive Content on Twitter: If you’ve been wondering how to view sensitive content on Twitter, you’re not alone. There are many different types of content that can be problematic for some users. You’ll also find that there is a huge amount of content that is NSFW (not safe for work), Adult, Nudity, or Violence. If you’d like to keep yourself safe, follow these tips and avoid these types of content.

NSFW content

When you post content to Twitter, you’ll often notice a “Sensitive Content” warning in the post’s body. The tweet contains nudity, violence, and other topics that may be sensitive for some people. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows users over the age of 18 to post almost anything, with the exception of “excessively graphic” media or content containing sexual violence. You can disable the “Sensitive Content” warning on Twitter if you regularly post sensitive content.

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Adult content

If you are looking to post and view adult content on Twitter, you need to know that Twitter has strict rules about advertising with sensitive content. Though filtered by default, adult content is still sometimes allowed on Twitter. If you are planning to post adult content, be sure to mark the content as such so that others cannot view it. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to do so. Below are the steps to take. Read on to learn more.


Twitter has a sensitive policy, which means you can’t post violent or gory content. This policy is not enforced on all content, however. Twitter has made the rule clear that violent and gruesome scenes aren’t permitted, and it will warn users if such content is posted. There are, however, a few exceptions. Violent video games and HBO show advertisements are exempt.

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If you use Twitter on your mobile device, you might be wondering how to view sensitive content. There are a couple of options you have. One way is to mark your account as sensitive. When you enable sensitive content, other users can view your posts. If you do not enable sensitive content on your Twitter account, you may end up seeing inappropriate content. But if you don’t want this to happen, you can also hide sensitive content from your public view.

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Violent content

If you’re wondering how to view violent content on Twitter, you can add a flag to your tweets to warn others. There are a number of ways to flag tweets, including by adding images or videos that contain nudity or violence warnings. The warning will appear when you save the tweet, but you can also view it right away by clicking on the ‘Warning’ icon in the upper right corner.

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NSFW tweets

If you have ever used Twitter, you’ve likely seen warnings about potentially sensitive content. Twitter expects users to mark their tweets as such, so you can choose whether or not to see them. To disable the warning system.

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